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©2013 San Diego Eviction Attorney Scott Rights, Esq.   Scott Rights, Attorney at Law.  The California Landlord Tenant eviction and unlawful detainer information on these pages is to help in understanding the legal process in some aspects of Landlord Tenant law applicable to San Diego, California.  The information here is not the same as legal advice, which is unique to each set of facts.  You must consult with a lawyer to determine the appropriate action in your specific case.

San Diego Eviction and Unlawful Detainer information.   Our expertise and experience is represented in many of the information pages on this site.    San Diego Landlord Tenant law can have many intricacies and pitfalls that hinder an easy outcome for real estate owners, but quick resolution is usually attainable.   There are many steps before the process leads to the San Diego Sheriff evicting a tenant.  Renters and Landlords both have many rights under the California Civil Code.  You will find a good deal of information about the Unlawful Detainer process in San Diego under the FAQ link bar above.  There is also a posted timeline to give you an idea of the deadlines and time required in a San Diego Eviction.

The Landlord Tenant Legal world, and especially evictions, is hyper-technical.  Cases can be dismissed for the smallest error, on the premise that courts are reluctant to evict tenants if the landlord has not followed the letter of the law.